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Welcome to the Transport Tycoon Cheats, Tips & Strategies page. If you have any information you want posted on this page, please e-mail me!

1. Making Money The Dishonest Way

Find a game that makes alot of money each year. Count how far down the savegame list it is (count autosave as 00). Quit the game. Say your game was the second game down the list (02). Then you would type 'REN TRT02.SV1 (substitute 02 for the actual #) TRT02.SV0' and press enter. Now open TTDLX and choose 'Create Scenario'. When the editor comes up, choose 'Load Scenario' from the disk menu. Now all of your vehicles, trains, plane, ships, etc. are all making money but aren't incurring running costs. You can also lower and raise terrain, expand towns, build roads inside towns an remove roads inside towns without having to worry about the Local Authority.

2. Sabotaging The Competition

This tip is very common but works marvels and is cost-effective. Find a competitor's road that they use for alot of traffic. Place a level crossing over it and and a few tracks to the side. Then at the long end of the tracks, build a depot. Build the cheapest engine you can. Start it and run it up until the crossing lights turn on. Then take the train back into the depot and sell it and destroy the depot and all tracks except the level crossing and the crossing lights should still be on. The competitors' vehicles will keep backing up and breaking down and incurring running cost but not making any profit!

3. 'He's Out At The Crossing!'

You can also try picking off the competitor's road vehicles. Build a speedy engine and build tracks and a level crossing. Then wait for a road vehicle to come along and start your engine. They should collide and only the competitior's truck/bus will be destroyed, and...Duar!!! Save old engines just for this if you think you may want to sabotage.

4. 'Run Away!'

You can trap competitor's busses/trucks in towns by bulldosing all of the roads leading out of the town. Just make sure you don't run a road service to the that town. Your competitor's truck will keep driving around in circles and braking down and incurring running costs and not making any profit.

5. Make millions the easy way!

Step 1: When a company is about to bankrupt and asks you if would you like to purchase the company, say NO.
Step 2: Open up that company window and purchase 75% of their stock. DO NOT CLOSE THAT WINDOW!
Step 3: Move the window off to the side of the screen and forget about it for 3 months of the game time. The competitor will declared bankrupt, but the displayed value of the company in the STILL OPEN company window will be in the millions!
Step 4: Sell the 75% of the company you own and you'll make a bundle!
Warning!!! This has crashed people's systems on several occasions! SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE THE THREE MONTH MARK IS UP!!!

1. Resource Transfer

If you have a resource and can't transport it to it's destination by just one transport method, pick up the resource, take it to a station and force and unload, then build another station of another transportation method and use the other method to transport the goods the rest of the way.

2. A tips from Damien Philips

After being pretty much pissed off by the unscrupolous and annoying track laid down by a competitor near a town that I had "nursed" (funded it, supplied it etc.), I set about trying to get rid of it without buying out the company all together (not enough dough). Anyway, I found out that you could blow up their train and (within about 4 months) they removed their track. to do this you need to place one of your depots so that it joins to the open end of the competitors station. When their train is about to come in to load/unload build the shitest and least expensive train in your depot. when the other train has stopped. start up yours, press the ignore signal. The train promptly departs the depot and bashes the front of your opponents train causing a hiroshima type mushroom cload. Expensive, but effective. however you need to wait a while before the track is removed (depends on how active your competitor is)


3.Quick Tips
When playing transport tycoon there are a few things you should remember. For a more detailed guide visit the stratergy section.

  • Remember to plant trees through farmland before building, because that will be a lot cheaper. Whatch out though, as it may upset local authorities.
  • Go to extreme lengths to ensure all railways you build are as straight and level as possible.
  • To increase your catchment area of a station/airport then you can build a bus station attached onto the station, getting one square further into the town.
  • Try to transport passengers as far as possible once the money starts coming in, link towns with distant towns rather than nearby ones.
  • Centralise your efforts around one secondry industry, eg transport iron ore from several mines to a single steel mill. Then big profits from the steel service come.
  • Help your town grow by laying out its road network. 2x2 squares are usually the best format, because buildings only develop when there is a road two sides of them.
  • Fastest growth of a town occurs when doing short distance regular journeys.
  • Medium distance coal rail services over a fairly flat bit of landscape are the most profitable services in temperate and arctic climate to start off with, and in the tropical climate medium distance rail oil services will be your best bet.
  • Borrow as much as you can to begin with and only go for services which are bound to be profitable (see above).
  • Road vehicles serve little apart from very small routes with low production rates.
  • Always set your trains to full load and don't mix cargos on the train. However do mix passengers and mail and do not set passenger/mail trains to full load.
  • As soon as you can replace all small airports with large ones, as otherwise there is a big risk of crash.
  • Always get the latest fastest vehicles, especially with trains